#BBNaija: Banky W visits Big Brother Naija Housemates, Gifty asks: “Who is he?”…. Nigerians reacts.


Banky W is in the house people! The music superstar right now is in the house with the Housemates and they’re spending some quality time together.
When the “Door bell” rang, the housemates stood up to see who’s coming through the door.. and alas, it was Banky W.
Immediately he came in.. Gifty asked TBOss: “Who is he?” Really? Gifty? Who is Banky W??
Well.. Gifty claims she doesn’t know Falz, doesn’t know Emmanuel Okubese (Mr. Nigerian) now Banky W? No way!

Gifty has started this rubbish again! She doesn’t know Banky W. I’m weak Abeg #bbnaija
See some reactions on Twitter:

I can’t even believe that Gifty is asking TBoss who Banky W is….. Warrisit SeF.. #BBNaija

If gifty doesn’t know Falz and Banky then she has to leave the house we can’t deal with dull people in the house #BBnaija

Gifty doesn’t know Banky W?do you live in a cave? Aunty start packing o, we have had enough,but if its Papa Ajasco she will know 

To everyone getting annoyed over Gifty for not knowing banky W, do you know me? Nonsense

Gifty has acted virtually all the razz nollywood movie, video vixen for Mr2kay yet she doesnt know who banky w or falz is!! 

Gifty asked who Falz is, she asked who Emmanuel Ikubese is, she asked who Banky W is… Who the hell does Gifty think she is? 😒

Gifty again😀😀😀😀she doesn’t know who is banky W …. But this girl said she is an actress… what’s all this nonsense 

So appaz Gifty doesn’t know Banky W….and Falz. Do we unanimously call BS or yes. Never Forget No is not an option

Since Gifty doesn’t know Banky W…it’s safe to say she doesn’t know the president of Nigeria 🚶‍♀️#bbnaija

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Gifty don’t worry ok… Sunday is just closeby you will get to know who banky W is when you leave the house. 

This gifty is a disgrace,imagine gifty asking tboss who’s banky w is? God bbn u just hav to evcit this girl out of ur house

Did Gifty ♥ just askv who Banky W is? Lmao.. I’m a South African & I know who he is… 

Dis gifty is jst too fake for my liking, did she jst ask who banky w is? She go soon say she no kno buhari 

Gifty is obviously not from this planet .. when she said she didn’t know FALZ I was lik maybe sha but Banky W 🙈🙉🙊 

Madam gifty has done it again my people. She doesn’t know who Banky W is. 🙌🙌🙌

 gifty is so fake how can u not knw banky w of all people , u need to leave on Sunday bcos very soon u will say u don’t know buhari.

Gifty does not know Banky W. I give up on her 😳😳😳😳😳😳. She has perfected the act of fakeness 😂😂😂😂 

I cannot stop laughing gifty asked Tboss quietly “who Banky W is” she is mad 😂😂😭😭🙄🙄

Chaii..gifty just embarrassed her fans by saying she doesn’t know Banky W..nwa egbugom!!! Chinekee!

I’m sure Gifty doesn’t know Banky W and all the Kenya I know him inside out!! She’s so fake. 
Moving on…
The music star was treated with a tour of the Big Brother House with Debbie-rise obviously smitten.
Debbie-rise couldn’t hide her excitement on seeing Banky W and she played a little music/guitar.
Banky told the housemates to introduce themselves one-by-one, talk a bit about themselves and they delivered perfectly well.
Before the music star left, they all took pictures, with TBoss, Uriel, Gifty struggling to take a souvenir from the star.


He gave out his bangle, ring, studs and chain.

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