How M@sturbat!on Almost Ruined My Life (MUST READ)


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At about a month ago,various topics/comments about mastur.bation fluid Nairaland while some supported it,some dismantle it as a wayward lifestyle that is capable of destroying ones destiny in a short period of time. anyways, base on my experience,
mastur.bation is not only a destiny killer but a strength sucker and confidence destruct..
I am not typing this piss to gain attention but I am doing this to make you see the defect of mastur.bation on me and have been on some other persons which they wouldn’t disclose to anyone but silently dying inside. enough of beating around the bush though, let’s get down to the main reason of me creating this thread.
In 2007,i had my first contact with a pornographic content and at 14years old then,i did not know what se.x was and how it was practice by two consenting adults not until my friend involved me in watching porn.ography. At first I didn’t wanted to watch it but was initiated thus ended up liken it after my first organism that day,i felt nothing can be as sweet as watching porno.graphic movie.This made me love porno.graphy more than any other movie in reason that it makes me Erupt which I felt at a tender age was sweet and satisfying. I started going to a neighbor house to steal porno.graphy movie to watch.At a tender age,i never knew any word called “mastur.bation” but only felt the sweetness that comes with it thereby making me partake in it at any single opportunity consequently affected me.

Whenever I happen to watch Indecency movie,i masturbate and frequently I involved myself in this act,my conscience always judge me. At a time I started feeling weak,my bones became shrinking as if I am an Old man,i couldn’t standstill any more all because my strength was taken away by the evil trait of masturbation, I started staying indoors/away from my friends all in the name of masturbation which made my confidence level reduce drastically,nobody told me the disadvantage masturbation is melting on me but I had to withdraw from it all for making me shiver when talking with pairs,i couldn’t walk straight anymore. I became misbehaving and disrespectful to people around me. pains gripped my eyes as if I am going blind I couldn’t see far distance anymore in other words I became very lazy as I wouldn’t want to partake in house chores and this affected the fair relationship I had with my parents.
Although my story and yours may not be the same probably I mastur.bated excessively brought about the aforementioned defects on me but the fact remains..
Masturbation is indeed a warward lifestyle..
Tony writes from Abuja

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