6 Surprising Facts About The Human Manh00d, No. 2 Will Shock You


The pen!s is a very important organ in males as it serves two very important purposes – reproduction and passing of body waste. Even though talking about it outside the walls of a classroom may seem like a taboo to many, we all have to admit that it is one vital part of the body that cannot be ignored – and who can blame anyone for this considering reproduction and, of course s*x, is a major part of life. Now if you thought you were already familiar with this vital organ, here are 7 fun facts about it that can blow your mind:
1. Humans are the only primates with boneless pen!ses

2. Babies have erections in the womb
3. Jonah Falcon has the biggest pen!s on record
4. Pen!ses can break!
5. Smoking and stress can affect the pen!s negatively
6. It is possible to increase the size of the pen!s naturally

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